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About Us

A Brief History About Us -

Vayodha is a Sanskrit word which means 'Bestowing upon health and strength.' Vayodha Wellness – a facility which provides rehabilitation programmes and treatment for Neurological deficit patients, post ortho surgeries, patients with cardiac and pulmonary conditions. The rehabilitation services offered are comprehensive for bringing functional independence to the patients with physical disability experienced due to serious illness and injury. The programme aims to ensure to patients adding quality years to their life.

Vayodha Wellness is initiated first time in Central India by Dr. Ravi Wankhede MS, MS (USA), PhD (USA) in collaboration with Dr. Jayant Pande DM (Neuro) of Pande Memorial Hospital.

Due to increase in chronic health conditions and other diseases the disability rates are also increasing day by day. 15% of the world population have some form of disability. After suffering from stroke, trauma, cancer, heart disease, surgery and many more patients have some consequences in the form of disability which can be in the form of physical, psychological and social disability. Rehabilitation is a tool in enabling disable patients to live independently. A structured multi-disciplinary approach helps the patient to live a normal life. Access to rehabilitation help in developing strength, decrease the consequences of disease or injury, improve health and add Quality years to their life. We at Vayodha Wellness provide acute care, in-patient and outpatient rehabilitation. Our professional team take care of the patients and help them to return to normal life.

Work Team

We have multi-disciplinary team of expert doctors. Our team members includes -

Dr. Ravi Wankhede
Dr. Ravi Wankhede
(Rph, MS, MS, Phd, BCPS)
CEO Vayodha Wellness

Dr. Bhagyashali R. Suryawanshi
Dr. Bhagyashali R. Suryawanshi
B.O.Th, M.O.Th, Neuro, Consultant Neuro Occupational Therapist

Dr. Miten Mohta
Dr. Miten Mohta

B.P.Th, A.D.P., ConsultantNeuro Physical Therapist

Dr. Miten Mohta Bpth, Diploma in Neuro, Singapore trained    Dr. Bhawani Rana B.P.th, M.P.Th (Neuro)   Dr. Kripa Bidkar , B.O.Th  
Dr. Sweta Malik, B.O.Th   Dr. Shantanu Sigh B.P.th   Dr. Ashish Bhange B.P.Th
Counselor: Dr. Vinita Kale (Board Certified Counselor)